Degree B: Training for group therapist – modules 3-6
The training enables group analytic approach that might be used in social, medical, training and working ambiences. It gives knowledge from theoretical field about skills and techniques indisepnsable for successful use of a group approach. The average duration of the training is three years. The experiential part takes place in group analytic groups once or twice a week, or in block training. At the same time starts the preparatory work for supervision group. The supervision of the group that the trainee conducts starts after the report of the supervisor, and its average duration is two years once a week or in block training. Accepted persons: to start the training for group therapist it is required undergraduate diploma or integrate training of medical or humanistic course, diploma of completed introductory course in group analysis, interview of three supervisors/trainers in group analysis organised by the Institute of Group Analysis. The training for group therapist encompanses: minimum 200 hours of personal experience of group analysis; 40 hours of preparation for supervision groups, and 80 hours of group supervision; 100 hours of theoretical lecturing of group analysis and 50 hours of psychoanalysis.
Attendance to professional meetings of the IGA at least twice during the training
Personal group experience: personal group experience can be obtained participating in the activity of the small groupanalytic group once or twice a week, or in a block training. Conductors of the group are the group analysis trainers. The inclusion in experiential groups is organised by the IGA.
Preparation for supervision and supervision: supervision of the supervision group helps candidates in understanding what is expected of their work and how to select patients for forming the group. After forming the group, the supervisor follows interventions of the conductor and the development of the group process. The aim of the training for group therapist: acquisition of knowledge and skills indispensable for application of the group approach and its modifications in practice. Results of the training for group therapist: understanding and critical evaluation of values of the esential group analytic concepts; understanding of processes of the group development; application of essential group analytic concepts; the use of
reflective skills in understanding of the parallel processes (member of the group – conductor of the group); understanding of processes of group supervision. The theoretical lecturing is ordinary in 3 modules: psychoanalytic theory; introduction in group analytic process; theory and practice of groupanalytic work. In the theoretical lecturing different possibilities could be used like presentations, group discussions and workshops.
Ending the training
The training for group therapist is comppleted with: certification of the conductor of experiential group about ending the experiential part, and positive report of the supervisor. The diploma paper should have at least 2000 – 4000 words, and should should be related to the theoretical representation of the problem that was detected during supervision. The trainees that during their essential training didn't have as minimum 40 hours of theoretical lecturing of psychopathology, and at the beginning of their training started to work in the field of mental health, the final examination of psychopathology organised by IGA is indispensable. The trainees that don't work in the institutions of mental health need to acquire 300 hours of clinical practice. The training is completed after the above mentioned conditions are met, with certificate regarding completion of the training for group therapist issued by IGA and signed by the president of IGA and supervisors/trainers included in the training.