Degree A: Introductory course in group analysis – module 1- 2
Introdctory course is intended to acquire the essential informations on group analysis. It is indispensable to continue the training in following two degrees. It consists of 60 hours of experiential groups and 30 hours of theory. Experiential groups are organised once a week or in block training in small groups of 6-12 participants. The theoretical lecturing is organised in 2 modules. Accepted persons: the ones with undergraduate, graduate or integrated training of medical, sociological or humanistic course. The aims of introductory course in group analysis: to acquire and to sensitise the esential principles of group analysis and psychodynamic theory through lecturing and experiential group. Outcomes of learning of the introductory course in group analysis: recognition of effects of group dynamics on one's own and others; increase of consciousness about one's own and of the influence of one group member on others; recognition of group dynamics from group analytic perspective; recognition of the meanings of essential group analytic concepts; recognition of meanings of psychoanalytic concepts as transference, countertransference, defense mechanisms, projective mechanisms and their importance on group development.