Group analysis represents one of psychotherapeutic techniques with dominant psychodynamic approach. It considers relationships among group members and creates web of activities that enable to the group members to acquire new emotional experience that they can use in professional and private everyday life.
General aims of the training: to inform and to sensitise candidates to the principles of group dynamics and analysis through lectures, seminars and experiential groups. The theoretical and experiential learning informs participants on real functioning of the group. The training enables personal and professional development. The outcome of the learning: depend on the degree of training which candidate decided to take.
Degree A – introductory course in group analysis (modules 1 and 2)
Degree B - training for group therapist (modules 3 – 6)
Degree C – training for group analyst (modules 7 and 8)
Degree D – supervisor/trainer in group analysis (modules 9 and 10)

Besides these degrees the Institute of Group Analysis offers agreed trainings according to the needs and requirements of the organisation. The training can be structured according to specific requirements of an institution in the frame of reference of its working caracteristics. The duration of the training can be of different lenght, according to the aim. The supervisor/trainer of the Institute of Group Analysis will use his/her knowledge, skills and experience in preparing training programmes according to the needs of certain institution.


1 hour=60 minutes